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ACE Sandfest

 As the success rates of students in ACE continue to grow, we are reminded of how important mentorship can be in creating a positive future for our youth.

Scholarship Banquet

Scholarship Award Banquet (Spring) 
The Scholarship Award Banquet is our annual end of the year celebration to honor the students who have participated in the program and the mentors who give their time to help. Typically attended by 500+ ACE volunteers, students and school staff, this is the signature event of the ACE year. 


Golf Outing

Golf Outing (Summer) 
ACE Cleveland annually holds a scramble format golf outing attended by approximately 25 companies to raise funds for ACE activities. 


ACE Cleveland Luncheon

Luncheon – Guest Speaker Event (Fall) 
Our annual Fall Luncheon features a prominent owner from the local A/E/C market typically attended by approximately 100 A/E/C professionals. In addition to a private sponsor luncheon, the speaker will typically provide an overview of their organization’s current events and any near-term or planned project opportunities. 


ACE Family Day

Family Day (Winter) 
ACE Family Day is a gathering of all ACE participants and their families (approximately 125 total attendees) to be able to connect with local colleges and learn about career opportunities in the A/E/C industry. 

Annual Industry Events

Rock n bowl ACE Cleveland

SMPS Rock & Bowl (Spring)
SMPS Northeast Ohio’s long-running annual fundraiser at Spins Bowl Independence. Proceeds from the event will benefit a scholarship fund for an ACE student. In 2020, over 150 bowlers participated and raised over $3,000 for an ACE scholarship. 


AIA Cleveland Sandfest

AIA Cleveland Sand Fest (Summer) 
Every summer the AIA Cleveland Chapter hosts Sand Fest at Edgewater Beach. The event combines volleyball and sandcastle construction to present a unique opportunity for Cleveland architects and designers. In 2019, the event raised over $10,000 towards an ACE scholarship.

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