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Over the last thirteen years, the Cleveland ACE Program has provided over $1.3 million scholarships to over 180 students.

(ACE) Architecture Construction Engineering
With over 75 affiliate chapters nationwide, the ACE Mentor Program exists "to engage, excite, and enlighten high school students" in the architecture, construction, and engineering industries.
About Ace Cleveland
nearly 200 students from 11 schools in the cleveland area
Nearly 200 students from 11 schools in the Cleveland area
ACE students receive invaluable hands-on education

They learn to understand the day-to-day workings of the AEC industries by living it, and experiencing it. 

ACE Cleveland Students

Ace Program Highlights

Founded in 1994, the ACE Mentor Program of America (ACE) is a free, award-winning, afterschool program designed to attract high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in the architecture, construction or engineering industry. This program provides them with hands-on projects and guidance from professionals in these fields so students can develop their skills and explore various career options throughout the year. 

  • Expert Guidance

    The students receive guidance from mentors who help them prepare a final project that showcases their skills and knowledge. The mentors also expose them to the different aspects of the construction industry, such as the careers, terminology, and roles of various companies.

  • Peer Teamwork

    The mock design project is a learning opportunity for students who want to experience the real-world challenges of architecture, engineering, and construction management. They work in teams of 15-25, along with their mentors from the industry, who guide them through the design process and provide feedback and advice. Each team functions like actual design teams, with roles and responsibilities assigned to each member.

  • All Year Long

    ACE runs the duration of the school year each session lasts for about two hours and takes place after school. 

  • Extra Activities

    In addition to these team sessions, there are also all-team activities such as "College Night" and field trips to construction sites.

  • Authentic Experience

    The meetings are held either in schools or at the offices of the firms to give the students as authentic an experience as possible.

  • Lifelong Relationships

    Many students remain active alumni of the program through the scholarships they receive, relationships they develop with their mentors, and future employment opportunities they exercise — such as internships and post-college jobs.

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ACE Cleveland Students

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